Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Almost Finished


JPZ said...

Wow, the pool looks great and very inviting. May I know which pool company you went with and how much it cost? We've been looking around but have not come to any conclusion.


WE used a small company called Matlon p/l. He is only a 1 man show but hunts around for the best deal.
The pool is a Premier 10.7
Cost 35k.
can supply details if needed.
I would highly recommend him.

T&L said...

Now that's a nice looking pool area. well done guys! Bring on Summer.

JPZ said...

I really like your pool. Its a fibreglass pool? What are the dimensions? Did the 35k include the copping tiles around the pool, all excavation, soil removal etc? Sounds pretty good to me. The prices I was quoted were around the 40-50k mark.

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